What is the Average Salary for Barcelona Players in 2018?

Barcelona scored a new history of sports for players’ salaries. Blaugrana has the highest salary of its core players (main players) in the world.

Sporting Intelligence makes a report titled 2018 Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS), which looks at players’ salaries and their influence to the highest level of achievement.

In the report, it is known that Barcelona is the team that has the highest annual salary for its core players until November in the 2018/2019 season. Even the number scored its own record.

Sport Intelligence said, Barcelona is a team with an annual salary of its core players reaching an average of 10,454,259 pounds, or around USD 13,425,181 per player.

If detailed again, the average Barcelona core player gets a salary of 201,043 pounds sterling or around USD 258,176 per week. A highest number for sports clubs in the world.

Barcelona surpasses the financial capabilities of any sports club in the world, including the NBA. In addition, the 10 million pounds became the first touched by a sports club.

In second place, there is Real Madrid, Barcelona’s competitor in La Liga. Los Blancos has an average annual salary of its core players reaching 8.089 million pounds sterling, or USD 10,390,846 with the average player being paid 155,000 pounds per week.

The Oklahoma City Thunder was in third place. The NBA club has an average annual salary of its core players reaching 7.85 million pounds, followed by the Golden State Warriors (7.82 million pounds) and the Washington Wizards (7.6 million pounds).

In the sixth to tenth place there is Toronto Raptos (7.57 million pounds), Houston Rockets (7,487 million pounds), Miami Heat (7.038 million pounds), Juventus (6.726 million pounds), and finally Manchester United closed the top 10 with the average salary of the main players reaching 6.534 million pounds.

The club’s ranking in the report changed dramatically from the previous year. Barcelona in the 2017/2018 season was only ranked fourth, with the Oklahoma City Thunder in first place.

Of the top 10 reports, there are six NBA clubs. GSSS said, the soaring salary pay of players at the United States basketball competition was due to the agreement on broadcasting rights signed before the 2016/2017 season. Because in the previous season, there were eight football clubs in the top 10.

12 Sports Teams with the Most Expensive Core Player Salaries based on the GSSS Sporting Intelligence version.

1. Barcelona 10.454 million pounds

2. Real Madrid 8.089 million pounds

3. Oklahoma City Thunder 7.85 million pounds

4. Golden State Warriors 7.82 million pounds

5. Washington Wizards 7.6 million pounds

6. Toronto Raptors 7.57 million pounds

7. Houston Rockets 7.48 million pounds

8. Miami Heat 7.03 million pounds

9. Juventus 6.72 million pounds

10. Manchester United 6.53 million pounds

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